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As part of an ongoing partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial, we designed and developed the organization's first ever institutional website. Our design decisions were informed by the Biennial's need to have a base website to feature year round programming as well as curated biennial specific programming. Building off the work that we produced for the 2019 Biennial, the institutional website now has relevant organization specific content. The website will soon feature a centralized calendar of events and a searchable archive of both the Chicago Architecture Biennial programming and Edition specific programming.

The GrayBits team was a real partner in the design and rollout of our new website. They prioritized learning about our organization and understanding our needs for the site and worked to create something that represents us both aesthetically and programmatically. The new website frames a ton of information in a format that is attractive and easy to use, both for visitors and our team. Throughout the process, we could always count on GrayBits to be available for questions and support, and this remains true even now that our site has launched.

Tess Landon, Manager of Learning Initiatives


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