Commercial Type Vault

The Commercial Type Vault was built as an extension to the current Commercial Type/Commercial Classics backend, containing in progress/unreleased typefaces. Utilizing the existing database gives the Commercial Type team the ability to move products between the vault and main sites while maintaining order records which are used for supporting upgrades and rebates. New functionality includes support for variable font testing and a simplified cart checkout. The design references Commercial’s digital history which GrayBits has been intimately involved in.

The Commercial Type Vault is a repository of 17 years of unreleased typefaces, open to the public for browsing and licensing. GrayBits did a brilliant job of distilling our disparate ideas and references (everything from Prince’s legendary vault of unreleased music to the visual storage at the Brooklyn Museum), into a clear, simple interface that spotlights the typefaces and is clearly differentiated from our main site while maintaining a connection to our identity. GrayBits has developed websites for us since both of our companies were starting out in 2009, and we had a great experience working with them on both design and development this time.

Christian Schwartz, Partner
Add To Cart Interface
Checkout Interface
Type Tester with Variable Font
Tablet Index
Tablet Slideshow