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Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

Who They Are

Fleisher/Ollman is a commercial art gallery with an established reputation as one of the world’s premiere sources for self-taught art, helping to define the field and to develop major public and private collections.

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Fleisher/Ollman Gallery needed to redesign and develop their website to showcase the vast archive of artists that have exhibited at the gallery and promote upcoming and current exhibitions, art fairs, news and publications.

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We built a website based on Fleisher/Ollman's updated identity and seamlessly migrated all content from their previous website. We developed a searchable artist index for every artist who has exhibited and all artwork that is available. Their back-end management system is user-friendly for maintaining current and upcoming exhibitions, news, publications, and available works. 

Visitors have the ability to browse the extensive exhibition history and artists' pages, inquire about artworks, as well as view correlating publications, news, and gallery open hours. 

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