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Partisan Records

Who They Are

Partisan Records is an independent record label with offices in Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, as well as in New York City, where the company was co-founded in 2007 by Tim Putnam and Ian Wheeler.

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Partisan Records began working with Vance Wellenstein on a new identity. Together they approached GrayBits to design and develop their website based on the new logo mark and typographic system. They wanted to feature relevant news from their represented artists as well as promote tour dates in a clean and simplified design. The final site is an homage to Partisan Records' independent roots and diverse future using a minimalist approach to typesetting and animation, placing emphasis on the beautiful imagery that the label has acquired through its years of work.

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GrayBits implemented an integration with Bandsintown to give visitors the ability to browse and filter tour dates, and allow artists signed to Partisan Records to independently update tour schedules. An additional MailChimp integration was included allowing Partisan Records to maintain their current mailing list while producing a sign-up form more in line with the updated identity. 

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