Pratt Center for Community Development

The design for the Pratt Center’s new website was based around five main goals: simplicity, impact, practicality, accessibility and sustainability. Inspiration drew from Pratt Center’s 50+ years of history, including Street, a magazine of the environment, published by Pratt Center covering a variety of urban environmental issues and legislative actions in a dynamic and playful yet accessible way in its visual communication. Focusing on economic accessibility, the website defaults to low resolution images to lighten the websites energy load.

GrayBits has a rare combination of in-house design savvy, technical chops, and efficient organizational workflows. Their team was incredibly responsive, sensitive to our organization's needs, and delivered consistently tasteful design solutions. Having their CMS custom built to suit our content means no extraneous features we won't use, and a very user-friendly interface. Our new website just launched, but we're looking forward to working with GrayBits for a long time.

Ben Dodd, Communications Specialist/Planner


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