GrayBits is a design studio that specializes in website design and development and bespoke digital tools.

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Feature: Design

We designed a responsive portfolio website that reflects the culture and aesthetics of Zan Casting.  1600 xxx q88 bffffff  2 1200 xxx q88 bffffff
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Feature: Casting Manager

We developed a casting manager feature for our client's work flow. The custom web application is integrated with a model and casting database and an automated model sign-in process. The back end enables Zan and her team to maintain model portfolios, create custom casting presentations, and generate PDF presentations.

The new back end system we developed qualitatively improved and streamlined the casting and client presentation process for Zan and her team.  1200 xxx q88 bffffff  1 1200 xxx q88 bffffff

Client Testimonial

“GrayBits creatively executed the design and development of our company website in an incredibly efficient timeline. The entire process was smooth, professional, and fast. The design ideas merged seamlessly with the direction we wanted to deliver and the team took our feedback well in implementing any adjustments. We couldn’t be happier with all aspects of this experience and with our end result!”

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