A design studio dedicated to building integrated, comprehensive and bespoke digital systems.




Full Service

Full design services include brand identity and print collateral, website design and development, ecommerce solutions, and internal digital tools.


Website Design

We present two design concepts covering 25% of the project. All presentations are live functional websites for clients to approve before we build out the entire site.

Website Development

We are happy to work with designers and their clients on website projects. GrayBits will design the website based on existing / new identities or brand guidelines. All website projects will be developed using our CMS, GrayMatter.


We build our websites with our in-house Content Management System, GrayMatter, and ecommerce engine, GreenMatter. We do not offer services for Wordpress or Square Space. If you want to know more about GrayMatter and GreenMatter features, email us at isabel@graybits.biz.



Small Business and Wholesale

GreenMatter is our ecommerce engine. We can either build custom solutions or discuss other integrations and options. The best way to learn more about GreenMatter or other integrations is to reach out to Isabel with your project, isabel@graybits.biz.

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Our CMS and websites are built with search indexing in mind (Search Engine Optimization). Pages have semantic layout with meaningful page titles, urls and html tags. Our websites includes meta tags, either automatically derived or entered manually. Clients only need to maintain the website content. It's up to you if you want to hire a copy writer.

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GrayBits reviews our sites against the Level AA criteria of the WCAG 2.0. We recommend that our clients also hire an external agency to review the website for ADA compliance as well as consult on internal policies to maintain such compliance. We can provide recommendations for such agencies.

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Content & Migration

Once the CMS is built, clients can start uploading content or GrayBits can migrate the content. We provide CMS training for clients.

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Project Management

We use Rasters, an in-house project management tool where clients can leave messages or assign tasks to our team. With nothing lost in an email chain, Rasters ensures all revisions and bug-fixes are addressed in a timely and documented fashion.